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SwissSign with new head.

On 8 May 2017 SwissSign AG became a joint venture of Swiss Post and SBB, with each holding 50% of the share capital. CEO Markus Naef will lead the company into a new era.


Switzerland’s largest retail bank pioneers service digitization, increases document security and enables a fully mobile digital user experience

Shortly after the launch of their joint centralised solution for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), Cryptomathic and SwissSign today announce the completion of a major deployment at UBS, Switzerland’s largest retail bank.

Uniform digital identity for Switzerland

Swiss Post and SBB plan to provide a uniform digital identity for private individuals, companies and authorities in Switzerland by autumn 2017 through a joint venture. SBB’s investment in Swiss Post’s subsidiary SwissSign AG was recently given the green light by the Competition Commission (COMCO) and the EU Commission.

The approval for the setting-up of this joint venture represents a major milestone for Swiss Post and SBB. SwissSign AG can now promptly roll out the service for interested authorities and companies, making Switzerland an even more attractive location for the digital economy. SwissSign AG’s current business as a certificate service provider will remain unrestricted and will be supplemented with that from the new digital identity.

SwissSign, a subsidiary of Swiss Post and leading provider of trustworthy, digital certificates, now conforms to standards for the provision of certification services in Liechtenstein. This means that SwissSign is laying the foundations for the EU Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS). As a result, companies benefit from a higher degree of legal security for their digital processes supported by SwissSign certificates. This development represents SwissSign’s response to the wishes of its Swiss customers operating across the globe and numerous customers across Europe.

Swiss non-profit organizations benefit from free SwissSign SSL certificates for the encryption of their website-based calls for donations.

SwissSign is offering Swiss non-profit organizations free encryption for their online donation websites using SSL Silver certificates. SSL encryption of a website strengthens the trust of visitors who are willing to make a  donation –  in 2017 too. As of next year, Google will use its Chrome browser to highlight 56 websites that are deemed to be insecure without encryption and where passwords and credit card information are exchanged.

The „Cloud Signature Consortium“ (CSC) is based on an initiative of Adobe and consists of 12 European members, a mixture of manufacturers, service providers and academic organizations. SwissSign as a founder member pursues together with the consortium the target to build a new open standard on cloud-based digital signatures for mobile devices and the web. By the end of 2016 a standard specification should be available. The first implementations are planned to be released in spring 2017.

SwissSign, a leading European provider of trustworthy digital certificates, simplifies the management of certificates with EASY.MANAGED PKI. Though the new service is easy, a customer does not miss a thing: EASY. MANAGED PKI certificate service offers a complete range of certificate types, a flexible 24/7 online delivery and attractive volume rebates. New customers will profit from a additional rebate of 80% in the first year. EASY. MANAGED PKI is available from today under, the promotion will run until end of July 2016. 


The environment surrounding certificates is constantly on the move – just like the roller coasters at the Europa-Park theme park in Rust. Make the most of this opportunity and visit us and all the other exhibitors working in the area of hosting at the World Hosting Days at Germany's Europa-Park in Rust between 15 and 17 March 2016. Would you like to visit us at stand Z23? We will be happy to provide you with a ticket on request.

On 30 November, the Swiss Post subsidiary SwissSign launched its new market presence with more favourable prices for SSL certificates, an expanded product range and a modern web shop. In doing so, SwissSign has laid the foundations for an improved digital sales and information channel. The user navigation is consistently geared to customer requirements.

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Good news for those who in future want to open and close bank accounts online: Thanks to the Yellow Identification and SuisseID services, Swiss Post and SwissSign boast innovative solutions which now make this possible and also meet the requirements of the new Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance. With the total revision of the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has created the legal basis on its side for the digitalisation of customer acquisition – a milestone for the Swiss financial centre.

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