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SwissID login: Verified identities for your online shop

The SwissID login offers you and your online shop three advantages:

  • Verified identities
    We handle the identification process for you and deliver unambiguously verified identities with age verification. You concentrate on your core business. 
  • Over 3.5 million SwissID users
    Benefit from a large number of existing SwissID users who can already log in to your online shop – a great way to increase your completion rate. 
  • Secure login
    Two-factor authentication with the SwissID App protects access to your online shop with an additional security factor.

Here’s how it works
When a customer wants to buy an age-restricted product, they are asked for a one-time age verification. The login and online identification are free of charge for your customers. 

Learn more about other benefits and integration on our website or book an individual demo.

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