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Login service/authentication

The SwissID login solution is the secure and widespread Swiss alternative to the common social login options. Easily integrate the login service into your existing website, online shop or government account. Give your users simple and secure access to your services and products.

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How you benefit

You offer simple and secure access to your online services.

Product features

  • Issued by a Swiss trust service provider.

  • All data stored in Switzerland.

  • Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

  • Identification complies with EPRA and FINMA standards.

  • The SwissID login is based on OpenID Connect and can be integrated using an API or plugins.

  • Free online user identification can be performed 24/7.

Do you need more than just logins, but also have to rely on verified identities? You can find more information about this service here.

Typical use cases

  • Public services
  • Authorities
  • Insurance companies
  • Finance portals
  • Media
  • E-commerce

How you benefit

  • Widespread distribution: Over 4 million users already rely on SwissID for an increasing number of online services.

  • Cross-sector ecosystem: Whether you’re a public authority, a private company or an online shop, SwissID is the solution for every sector.

  • Efficient identification: We handle the login and, if necessary, the identification process – you focus on your core business.

  • Processes without media discontinuity: Implement continuous digital processes and cut costs.

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    All data stored in Switzerland.

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    Free online identity verification 24/7.

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    Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

How to integrate the login service

Integration using an API

SwissID uses the standard technology OpenID Connect to guarantee global compatibility. You can integrate the login service into existing solutions yourself or with the help of a systems integrator. Free integration and customer experience guidelines are available on request.

Integration using a plugin

You can easily embed SwissID into your online shop or e-commerce environment using plugins from common shop systems*. If necessary, SwissID can also handle age verification where required by legal regulations (e.g. for the sale of alcohol or tobacco).

*Plugins offered at present: WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento 2, Shopware, Shopify

Please note that a signed partner contract with SwissSign must exist to use the SwissID plugin.

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Are you unsure which integration model is best for you? Or would you just like to learn more about the login service? Please call us on +41 848 77 66 55 or use the contact form.

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