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Here, you can read up on how companies from various industries have integrated SwissSign’s products and learn about the benefits these companies and their customers are enjoying.


Schwartz iT | IT security

Schwartz iT banks on the state-of-the-art managed PKI solution from SwissSign for automatic certificate management. This allows Schwartz iT customers to safeguard both their websites and their mail systems using SwissSign certificates.

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SEPPmail | Secure messaging

SEPPmail uses the state-of-the-art managed PKI solution from SwissSign for the purchase and automated management of S/MIME certificates. The MPKI is easy to set up and can be integrated seamlessly into the SEPPmail solution.

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KLARA | Business Software for SMEs

KLARA has integrated the simple electronic signature (SES) from SwissSign into the ePost app via a REST-API. This allows end customers, for example, of insurance companies, to sign contracts online with ease.

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Mazars | Audit

Mazars uses the ready-to-go solution, which can be enabled without any integration effort. Audit reports, for example, can be signed with legal validity using the qualified electronic signature (QES) in accordance with compliance requirements. 

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