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Apply for a PostFinance credit card entirely online with SwissSign’s signature solution

About PostFinance

PostFinance is one of Switzerland’s leading financial institutions and a reliable financial partner to around 2.5 million private and business customers. It offers its customers fresh solutions and smart innovations relating to money. Here, the financial service provider leverages advanced tools and technologies that it develops or adapts specifically for the Swiss market.

Initial situation

PostFinance already offers a variety of digital services. For example, new customers can open a banking package featuring an account, PostFinance Card, credit card and e-finance access right from the PostFinance app. Until now, the credit card ordering process for existing PostFinance customers was not fully digitised and still required a handwritten signature.

PostFinance’s requirements

As PostFinance already offers its own identification procedure (Bankident PostFinance), the identification carried out when an account is opened should also be used for e-signatures.

It must therefore be possible to integrate Bankident PostFinance into the signature solution so that in future, existing PostFinance customers will also be able to order a credit card completely digitally, without changing media. This will greatly simplify the user experience and reduce the cancellation rate.

The SwissSign solution

  • PostFinance has integrated the qualified electronic signature (QES) from SwissSign’s signature solution – which is based on a hash signing API – into its credit card ordering process.

  • Existing customers can now order a credit card completely digitally, without changing media. Applications are electronically signed directly via the PostFinance app. Documents no longer need to be printed out and returned by post.

  • The signature solution from SwissSign is linked to the identification solution from PostFinance (Bankident PostFinance).  This means that customers can provide an electronic signature in the credit card application without having to go through a new identification process for the signature service.

  • PostFinance’s customers therefore benefit from a simple and fast process.

  • In this way, PostFinance is able to provide its customers with a fully digital process. The financial service provider uses its assets (customer identification) to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Teodoro Pizzino, Customer Journey Owner Credit Cards at PostFinance

We want to deliver customer value through innovation. It was therefore clear to us that we wanted to use our own verified identities for the electronic signature process. It was crucial for us that the solution did not require any additional effort from our customers due to a need for extra identification. The signature solution from SwissSign effortlessly facilitated this, enabling us to offer our customers a faster and more convenient process.

News: Financial institutions can now build on their own identification procedure with SwissSign’s electronic signature solution.

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