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Financial institutions can now build on their own identification procedure with SwissSign’s electronic signature solution.

SwissSign and PostFinance facilitate fully digital credit card applications.

SwissSign, a recognised trust service provider and provider of signature solutions, is now enabling finance companies with their own certified process to use their existing identities for SwissSign’s electronic signature. The first use case showcases how PostFinance customers can order a credit card fully digitally. Thanks to the ‘Bankident PostFinance’ service, the SwissSign signature does not require customers to also identify themselves in person. 

SwissSign has been a leader in trust services and a provider of certificate, identity and signature services for over 20 years. In addition to its signing-as-a-service solution, which can be used immediately and requires no integration, SwissSign also enables seamless integration of the solution into existing workflows and systems. Furthermore, as it is installed on the premises, the documents remain in the company’s IT environment during the signature process. The solution is particularly suitable for companies that want to keep sensitive documents within their own IT environment for compliance reasons. Companies can now also use their existing identification process and authentication app for the signature process. Thanks to such a seamless white-label integration, customers benefit from an end-to-end process – from identification through to signing.

Frédéric Mauger, Chief Product Officer at SwissSign: "Our innovative solution enables financial institutions to quickly and easily build on their existing electronic signature-related identities. Similar projects with other banks are already under way, bolstering our efforts to drive forward digitalisation together with banks."

No switches of media thanks to the e-signature from SwissSign and Bankident PostFinance

PostFinance has integrated the new-white label solution from SwissSign into its own credit card ordering process. This enables existing PostFinance customers to order a credit card completely digitally, without changing media, before signing their application. Documents no longer need to be printed out and returned by post. PostFinance uses its own identification procedure, ‘Bankident PostFinance’, which has been appropriately certified and meets the regulatory requirements in Switzerland, ensuring that existing identities can be used. Customers benefit from a new, faster online service without having to re-identify themselves, as is typically required for electronic signatures. 

Teodoro Pizzino, Customer Journey Owner Credit Cards at PostFinance: "We are delighted that we can now offer our customers a quick and easy credit card application process thanks to SwissSign’s electronic signature. This has greatly reduced the time that customers spend waiting for a credit card. We are benefiting from huge improvements in efficiency, as administrative efforts are significantly reduced."

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