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Managed PKI – Setup & Support 

On this page, you will see how certificates can be managed through the Managed PKI service. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Introduction

SwissSign Managed PKI Service Kunden erhalten ein individuelles Setup auf der SwissSign Infrastruktur, um ihre Zertifikate zu verwalten.

1.1. SwissSign und Managed PKI

1.2. Voraussetzungen für die Nutzung des SwissSign Managed PKI Webservices

1.3. PKI – Prozesse und Rollen

2. First steps with your Managed PKI

2.1 Onboarding with SwissID

To access your MPKI, your MPKI operators must create an account via SwissID and have your identity verified. It is important that the SwissID account is created with the same operators' email addresses that you provided when ordering your MPKI. 

2.2 MPKI guide (PDF)

2.3 RA Operator Handbook

Once you logged in you can find the latest operator manual under the link "Manual" at the bottom left in the navigation of your MPKI. 

3. Interfaces for the automation of your MPKI

Log in directly to your MPKI

Please note that an identity verifiation is required before the first use of your Managed PKI. 
See 2.1 above Onboarding with SwissID