1.1. SwissSign and Managed PKI | Managed PKI – Setup & Support
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1.1. SwissSign and Managed PKI

SwissSign AG is an internationally recognised issuer of digital certificates.

The SwissSign Managed PKI web service can be used to issue and manage SwissSign certificates. The advantage of using the Managed PKI service is that there is no need to set up and run your own certification body. The quality of the certificates obtained is high with respect to their distribution in root certificate directories (root stores) and they comply with the relevant international standards.

As part of these Managed PKI services, customers can request, approve, issue and revoke certificates, as well as search for and manage certificates. The customer assumes the role of a registration authority (RA), where SwissSign AG takes over the running of the certification authority (CA) and usually acts as the certificate service provider (CSP) towards third parties. Of course, the SwissSign Managed PKI web service also supports the pure running of a customer CA.