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Webinar overview

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Signature solution for recruitment agencies

Job advertised. Employee found. Contract signed? Thanks to our signature solution, all required documents can be signed by all parties in good time, even at short notice.

"How to digitalise processes in public administration."

What will the digital administration of the future look like? And how do we support you on this journey with our services? Find out more in our webinar.

Webinars about our signature solution 

Thanks to the signature solution from SwissSign, you and your customers can do business around the clock and with legally validity in line with the ESigA. To see how it all works, sign up for our 30-minute webinars for SMEs and large enterprises.

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Electronic signature

With our signature solutions you and your customers can do business around the clock.

Our integration solution (cloud or on-premise) is easy to implement in your IT landscape. Or you can use the ready-to-go solution (no integration required).

PKI: certificate management

Is protecting your IT infrastructure a priority for you?

The SwissSign Managed PKI service lets you manage certificates for your employees, clients and partners yourself – around the clock.

Qualified Evidence

Qualified Evidence allows you as a financial intermediary to perform digital remote identification of your customers at any time.

This way you establish a customer relationship in just a few steps. FINMA-compliant and no integration effort required.

SwissID: age verification

Online shops often have little to no age verification. Age verification using SwissID solves this problem.

SwissID is easy to integrate into your shop or online service via API or with a plugin.

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Did you know that SwissSign also regularly offers certificate training? This training is aimed at IT managers, IT security officers and other IT specialists who deal with the planning, implementation and enforcement of measures in the field of information and IT security. 
(only available in German) 

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