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Topic: IT security

IT security for businesses

Hackers can attack anyone. That’s why it’s important to integrate IT security into your company strategy and your workday. But how?

How to assess
IT risks

Professional handling of IT risk analysis should be a key component of every modern business strategy. What’s the best way to proceed?

The "human factor"

We’ll show you how to transform the “human factor” into part of the solution and simultaneously open up new opportunities.

Cybersecurity measures

The importance of adopting effective cybersecurity measures is constantly growing. This article provides an overview of known methods and contains some interesting background knowledge.

Types of cyberattacks

Computer viruses, trojans, phishing – cyberattacks can come in many different guises. How do they work and how can you protect yourself against them?

Topic: SSL

What are SSL certificates?

SSL certificates, also known as TLS certificates, are an important element of a website that is crucial to its success. How does it work?

DV, OV or EV?

An SSL certificate secures the connection to your website or online shop. But which validation level should you choose: DV, OV or EV?

SSL certificates:

Every SME has to contend with the challenge of IT security. How can a competitive advantage be created with this?

SSL certificates:
large companies

IT security is a key concern for every large company and every corporation. But which certificates do large companies need?

Topic: email

Email encryption

While SSL can be viewed as encrypting the transport route, S/MIME certificates ensure that the message contents are protected. How does this work?

Topic: electronic signatures

For recruitment agencies

Short-term work assignments are part of everyday life for recruitment agencies. Thanks to the signature solution from SwissSign, the required documents can be signed electronically.

In a legal setting

Contracts, non-disclosure agreements and powers of attorney: countless documents need signing in a legal setting. More about this topic and about SwissSign’s offer.

Topic: SSI

Digital credentials

No more stacks of paper or visits to government offices: digital, verifiable credentials are about to make our lives easier. But what exactly are they and what benefits do they offer us?

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Things to know about electronic signatures

Would you like to learn more about electronic signatures? Here, you’ll find exciting information about it as well as relevant background knowledge on topics such as contract law and the legal basis for these developments.

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