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Electronic signatures play a major role when it comes to security and legal validity in online business. E-signatures are a sustainable, forward-looking solution to the challenges encountered in the digital world, offering many other advantages in addition to efficiency and cost savings.

Our products

Signature service

You can use the signature service immediately – without any need for time-consuming integration. Simply upload your documents to your personal signing room. You and the other signatories then sign either on a desktop computer or using the SwissID App.

Integrated signature solution

You can also integrate our signature solutions directly into your processes and systems. Use options such as white labelling and decide for yourself whether you want to use SwissID identities or your own identification.

Timestamping service

The timestamp service allows you to confirm the existence of electronic documents at a specific point in time. As a Time Stamp Authority (TSA), SwissSign is certified to issue qualified timestamps.

eOperations awards SwissSign the contract

As part of a procurement project carried out by eOperations Switzerland for electronic signatures, seals and time stamps, SwissSign has been awarded the contract for 6 of a total of 8 lots. SwissSign was also awarded first place for 4 lots. Demand services benefit from attractive conditions. 

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