Digitalise processes in public administration
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How to digitalise processes in public administration

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E-signatures, seals and time stamps for public administration

Whether residents, suppliers or partners: having a well-developed digital range is one of the key factors in promoting acceptance of public services. Processes must be simple, seamless with respect to media used, and above all secure and legally compliant.

You can use electronic signatures to sign, for example, building permits, audit reports, patents and other contracts completely digitally (according to ESigA). On top of that, we facilitate the seamless integration of signatures, seals and time stamps into your existing environment (SaaS, hybrid cloud, etc.).

eOperations awards SwissSign the contract

As part of a procurement project carried out by eOperations Switzerland for electronic signatures, seals and time stamps, SwissSign has been awarded the contract for 6 of a total of 8 lots. SwissSign was also awarded first place for 4 lots. Demand services benefit from attractive conditions. 

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Sign building permits, audit reports, patents and other contracts completely digitally and with legal validity according to ESigA.

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Verify that you as a legal person are the issuer of a document, for example with a certificate of residence or debt collection register extract.

Time stamps

Confirm the integrity of electronic documents, for example if these have been digitally archived.

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Why choose SwissSign?

As a Swiss trust service provider (TSP) that is recognised by the Swiss Federal Government, we have been protecting sensitive and critical data for more than 20 years. We protect this data according to the highest security standards and ensure 100% storage in Switzerland. We operate in compliance with the FADP and GDPR and as such are regularly audited and certified by external auditors.