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ILFP: secure email communication thanks to the MPKI from SwissSign

About ILFP

ILFP Legal Partners GmbH is a multidisciplinary legal boutique that supports its clients in all matters relating to their business strategies. It particularly focuses on new technologies such as fintech and blockchain. The company has many years of experience in the development and implementation of business strategies, financial transactions and fiduciary services, as well as legal and corporate consulting. A team of experienced professionals supports national, international and private clients and companies.

Initial situation

ILFP maintains regular email communication with its national and international clients. These emails often involve the exchange of confidential documents.

The needs of ILFP

It was important to ILFP to be able to interact with their clients via an encrypted communication channel. Authenticity needed to be guaranteed and the company recognised by its clients as a unique sender.

The certificates used for this purpose needed to be managed as easily and efficiently as possible.

The SwissSign solution

  • ILFP uses the Managed PKI Service from SwissSign at OV level.

  • The solution allows the company to issue all certificates flexibly at any time.

  • These include the organisation-validated ‘E-Mail ID Gold’ S/MIME certificates, which enable ILFP to transmit emails in a secure and encrypted manner.

  • Email certificates protect against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. The contents cannot be read or manipulated by unauthorised individuals. In addition to the authenticity of the sender, they also guarantee the integrity of a message. As a result, ILFP increases the trust of its customers as a whole.

Julian Hloušek, Partner, ILFP

Using the SwissSign MPKI has raised our communication to a new level of security. Our customers appreciate the transparency and ability to send encrypted messages easily.

Digital certificates. For maximum security. Swiss made.

Trust in Swiss quality when it comes to SSL. Your IT infrastructure is secure thanks to our Swiss CA. We offer you a professional service in several languages. And just in case you’re not satisfied, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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