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Managed PKI | New products and prices, 1 June 2021

On 1 June 2021, SwissSign repositioned its range of certificates and is now offering the previous MPKI product in three MPKI product lines at the levels DV (domain-validated), OV (organisation-validated) and EV (extended validation). 

Your benefits

  • Flexibly issue any type of certificate via an automated interface or our web administration tool.
  • All common browsers and operating systems trust our certificates because they have been rated as trustworthy in the relevant root stores and trust lists.
  • You pay for what you receive and can use the certificates on multiple servers at no extra cost.
  • You enjoy the flexibility of scaling the certificate volumes and types whenever you want.
  • The CMC and RFC 5272 interface standards allow you to run a complete auto-enrolment process with our partner products.

Learn more about our MPKI product lines


Benefit from price reductions for various certificate types
At the same time as introducing the new MPKI products, we’ve revised our certificate prices, making individual certificates up to 40% cheaper compared to the current MPKI product. 

Order now:

  • MPKI DV  for simple websites, blogs or mail servers (ready to use within 24 hours)
  • MPKI OV  for smaller online stores or company website
  • MPKI EV  for online banks or large online stores


Are you already a SwissSign MPKI customer?
Existing MPKI customers can also migrate to the new products from 1 June 2021 on request. 

Would you like to know more or do you have a question about your existing MPKI? Our customer service team is always happy to help.