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Benefit from reduced prices on the Managed PKI Service.

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With the SwissSign Managed PKI service you issue, approve, manage and withdraw certificate requests yourself for your employees, customers and partners within a matter of minutes whatever the time of day. You manage your certificates independently via our web interface or on an automated basis via one of our partner solutions with a standardised interface. We validate only once your organization and there will be no need for single validation of certificate requests in the future – even for SSL EV certificates. 


Everything speaks in favour of SwissSign Managed PKI service:


  • Flexible issuance: Any time, any place and everything immediately.
  • Everything from a single source: Every S/MIME or SSL certificate – including SSL EV Gold.
  • Transparent and fair prices: You pay for what you purchase and can use a single certificate on several servers at no extra cost. You also benefit from attractive volume discounts. In case of E-Mail certificates you can save even additionally 40%. Just sign your contract for a first contract period of three years or five years. Afterwards you can resign on a yearly base.
  • SwissSign goes the extra mile: SwissSign is a Swiss company and we work to ensure reliability in everything we do – right down to the last detail. Our local Support team will support you in German, French and English. SwissSign certificates are integrated in European partner solutions for secure and trusted e-business.

Special offer: 50% discount on the Managed PKI Service

  • New customers
    50% on all certificates with a minimum order quantity of CHF 250
  • Existing customers
    50% on all additional orders above the existing Managed PKI volume (no minimum order quantity)

    Certificate renewals are excluded from the offer.

50% discount is granted on the amount after deduction of all partners or volume discounts and is automatically deducted from the annual price mentioned in the order. For new customers the offer is only valid for the first year. For additional orders from existing customers during the current contract period. 


Offer duration: Offer valid until revoked at www.swisssign.com

Order and contract

To order the Managed PKI Service, please fill out, sign and return to us the following two documents: