Managed PKI Service

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With the SwissSign Managed PKI service you issue, approve, manage and withdraw certificate requests yourself for your employees, customers and partners within a matter of minutes whatever the time of day. You manage your certificates independently via our web interface or on an automated basis via one of our partner solutions with a standardised interface. We validate only once your organization and there will be no need for single validation of certificate requests in the future – even for SSL EV certificates. 


Everything speaks in favour of SwissSign Managed PKI service:


  • Flexible issuance: Any time, any place and everything immediately.
  • Everything from a single source: Every S/MIME or SSL certificate – including SSL EV Gold.
  • Transparent and fair prices: You pay for your chosen order volume and use our certificates on several servers at no extra cost. You also benefit from attractive volume discounts. In case of E-Mail certificates you can save even additionally 40%. Just sign your contract for a first contract period of three years or five years. Afterwards you can resign on a yearly base.
  • SwissSign goes the extra mile: SwissSign is a Swiss company and we work to ensure reliability in everything we do – right down to the last detail. Our local Support team will support you in German, French and English. SwissSign certificates are integrated in European partner solutions for secure and trusted e-business.

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To order the Managed PKI Service, please fill out, sign and return to us the following two documents: