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SwissSign is banking on a modern PKI solution for its certificate management with libC as its technology partner.

Leading Swiss Trust Service Provider SwissSign launched a new state-of-the-art managed PKI solution based on the latest technological standards in October 2022. The aim is to make the process of issuing digital certificates, required to safeguard companies’ IT infrastructure, even easier and more convenient going forward. As its technology partner, SwissSign is banking on Swiss company libC with their solution SwissPKI.

SwissSign launched its new managed PKI solution in October 2022 with the aim of making the process of issuing digital certificates even easier and more convenient going forward. The new high-performance, scalable and secure infrastructure replaces the current environment and enables the use of additional interfaces for the automated issuing of certificates. These include, e.g. a REST API based on OpenAPI V3 or the ACME protocol. Customers also benefit from a user-friendly dashboard, allowing them to keep tabs on their certificate lifecycle at all times. It was important for SwissSign to find a technology partner that could come up with a Swiss-made solution and would be interested in jointly developing the platform on a long-term basis – that is why they opted for libC. As a Swiss Trust Service Provider with over 20 years in the trust service industry, SwissSign already meets the requirements of the CA/B forum, the registration authority for publicly trusted certificates, with its current solution.

libC as our technology partner
The PKI software from libC Technologies, a recognised technology provider in IT security, is a modern solution that enables the required flexibility in the area of software architecture, optimally taking into account and integrating the customer needs and processes of SwissSign.

Jürg Graf, CEO of SwissSign, explains: “With our new PKI solution, we are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a modern environment in the usual SwissSign quality. IT security is a key topic in every company and certificate management is playing an increasingly important role.”

Marcel Suter, Owner of libC Technologies, Director Solutions: “Technology meets business – that’s the best way to describe our partnership with SwissSign. We are proud to be able to join forces with SwissSign and offer to the general public a PKI solution which has been developed here in Switzerland. This safeguards identities and business processes and paves the way for the digital future."