A trusted SSL/TLS certificate proves the authenticity of your website through the reliable verification of your domain and additional company information, and ensures that you are trusted by operating systems and browsers.

πŸ—Έ Certificates issued quickly

πŸ—Έ Professional support in three languages (German, English, French)

πŸ—Έ Payment on account or by credit card

πŸ—Έ 30-day return policy

πŸ—Έ Certification authority (CA) in Switzerland 

πŸ—Έ Complies with national and international standards and legal requirements 

πŸ—Έ Highest security standards 

πŸ—Έ SwissSign certificates enjoy a high level of trust 

SSL certificates

Trust | Security | Encryption

from CHF 129

The offer is valid until 6 December 2020 and only for new orders at www.swisssign.com.

Single-domain SSL certificates

from CHF 129

πŸ—Έ protect single domain names

πŸ—Έ with or without subdomains

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Multi-domain SSL certificates

from CHF 479
(up to 5 domains)

πŸ—Έ encryption of up to 20 domains

πŸ—Έ with or without subdomains or sub-subdomains
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Wildcard SSL certificates

from CHF 429

πŸ—Έ secure an unlimited number of subdomains for a domain name

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signed and encrypted

only for CHF 29

The offer is valid until 6 December 2020 and only for new orders at www.swisssign.com.

Email ID Silver

only for CHF 29

πŸ—Έ trusted encryption and signatures

πŸ—Έ supports all common email clients and mail gateways
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Email ID Gold

available only as part of the SwissSign Managed PKI service

πŸ—Έ trusted encryption and signatures

πŸ—Έ with organisation entry
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Certificate training

Basics for IT managers and IT security officers

Upcoming training date
Friday, 11 December 2020

The training is aimed at information security managers and other IT specialists who deal with the planning, implementation and enforcement of measures in the field of information and IT security.


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Electronic certificates from SwissSign

Thanks to the electronic certificates from SwissSign, data can be encrypted and thus exchanged protected against unwanted access.


As a Swiss Trust Service Provider (TSP), SwissSign accompanies people and companies into a successful digital future, protecting data according to the highest security standards.

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