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Why SSL and email certificates are essential if you want to transfer data securely

Welcome to an age where IT security is no longer just an option for businesses, but an urgent necessity. With the ongoing march of digitalisation, where cyberattacks have unfortunately long since become a reality, it is essential that you protect your data and communications effectively.

Our webinar will explain why digital certificates, especially PKI solutions, play an essential role in protecting your business data. Learn how you can authenticate, encrypt and sign with our solutions, and in the process safeguard the trust your customers have in your company over the long term.

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  • Introduction: Why IT security is crucial for SMEs.

  • Basics and benefits of digital certificates and PKI solutions

  • Best practices and risk management

  • Short live demo

  • Q&A session: Your questions, our answers

Target group

This is aimed at SMEs that want to take control of their digital security and ensure secure data transmission and encryption.

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