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  • Please ensure for all authorisations that the organisation's authorised representatives as per the commercial register entry, organisation entry, whois database etc. provide their signature.
  • If the Commercial Register requires a "collective signature" of two persons, the authorization should also be signed by two persons in accordance with the entry in the Register.
Authorisation for web shop requests

There are three roles within the certificate request process:

  • The certificate requester completes the certificate request on behalf of the organisation.
  • The certificate approver signs the request on behalf of the organisation with the organisation's own domains
  • The agreement signer signs the GTCs as part of the certificate acquisition process.

The three roles can also be performed by a single person. When acquiring Gold certificates via web shop, you can use the following customer agreement in which all roles are covered by a single authorisation. Please indicate the existence of this authorisation upon placing each web shop order or enclose a copy.

Authorisations for access responsible within a Managed PKI

Would you like to add or cancel authorisations for access responsibles within a Managed PKI? If so, please use our change form and authorisation form on the Managed PKI page (topic “Contract modification and termination”).