Shorter validity periods for SSL/TLS certificates

from 1 September 2020


Change to SSL/TLS validity period

Important change concerning validity of SSL/TLS certificates from 1 September 2020

The validity period for SSL/TLS certificates that are issued after 1 September 2020 cannot now exceed a maximum of one year.



For SwissSign certificates, this means the following:


  • From 20  August 2020, only SSL/TLS certificates with a one-year validity period will be available.
  • Two-year SSL certificates issued before 1  September 2020 will remain valid.

What will specifically be changing for you?

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Protection for Subdomains

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Do you own a SwissSign certificate that is set to expire in the near future?

The expiry date is always "permanently branded" on certificates. This means that your certificate cannot be extended.