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December and February: No longer 3-year SSL certificates will be sold and issued

From December 22nd, 2017 SwissSign will cease selling the 3-year SSL certificates in the webshop. It concerns the 3-year SSL Gold, SSL Gold Multidomain, SSL Gold Wildcard, SSL Silver Wildcard and SSL Silver. The voucher codes for 3-year certificates purchased up to then must be redeemed in the webshop by February 15th 2018 at the latest. Vouchers redeemed after this date will automatically lead to the issuance of a 2-year certificate. There is no refund foreseen.

Please note that an issuing of 3-year certificates is only possible until February, 28th 2018. Therefore, please submit your complete certificate request by February, 15th 2018 at the latest. After this date license codes for 3-year certificates can only be redeemed for certificates with a validity of 2 years. A refund will not be given. 

We would like to point out that in the CA Browser Forum shorter and shorter terms of certificates are being discussed. We recommend autoenrollment solutions in combination with a Managed PKI from our partners for your needs. Our sales department will be happy to advise you: [email protected] .