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Signing / Time Stamping




  • For private individuals and SMEs with a low volume of signatures
  • Effortless integration
  • Upload documents online and sign them via the SwissID App or your desktop.
  • Billing prepaid with credit card or on account for contract customers
  • 5 free signatures for new customers
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Integration solution


  • For SMEs and larger companies with a high volume of signatures.
  • Easily integrate signing procedures into existing workflows and processes using an API.
  • Sign documents via the SwissID App using your smartphone or via your desktop.
  • The price model depends on the number of signatures and active users.
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  • For companies and Managed Service Providers that require a flexible and confidential solution
  • Documents to be signed remain in the company's IT environment
  • Supports signatures from different providers
  • Flexibility in the design of processes and workflows
  • Installation on-premise or in a private cloud.


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Time Stamping Service

Signing Time Stamp
  • With the SwissSign Timestamping Service, companies can ensure the legal validity and conformity of their electronic documents through the use of timestamps.
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