Auto-enrolment and certificate management

With the secure end-to-end solution, senders encrypt their e-mails using the public keys and certificates of the respective recipient. The recipients are in turn able to decrypt the message once more using their private key. Encrypting e-mails in this manner means nobody can read them along the way. According to current knowledge, the process of decrypting such messages is even extremely complex for intelligence services. This thus represents the most secure form of electronic communication.


In the past, employees were required to manually install and manage their certificates. The level of support work required was correspondingly great. This often also led to the use of in-house solutions with self-signed certificates which could be rolled out automatically. Now, however, auto-enrolment solutions are available – in particular for Microsoft environments – which provide employee devices with certificates in an automated fashion on the basis of a company's e-mail directory (LDAP).


The auto-enrolment solutions make use of the proven CMC interface, which is standardised in accordance with RFC 2797 and RFC 5272. These automatically request new certificates for employees and revoke and renew existing certificates.

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