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Solutions Partners

Solution partners have already integrated SwissSign certificates within their solutions.

Allgeier IT Solutions

Allgeier offers an integrated portfolio of IT solutions and services for a variety of customer needs. These include flexible HR services as well as IT infrastructure solutions, software solutions, software life-cycle services and enterprise software services. The comprehensive portfolio of offers is made available to customers in 97 locations in Europe, North America and Asia. Its regional roots and local presence ensure Allgeier offers services of the highest quality.


SEPPmail is a Swiss solution for a secure mail gateway. The SwissSign solutions are fully integrated into SEPPmail. Automated SwissSign certificates can be ordered and managed, and the appliance can be used as a gateway and rule engine for simple company implementations of IncaMail, the Swiss Post solution for secure communication.


The Swiss software company totemo provides solutions for email encryption, secure managed file transfer and secure mobile communication for organizations and institutions under the umbrella of totemomail®, totemodata® and totemomobile®. All online communication with partners and customers remains confidential, reliable and efficient – and most importantly, device- and location-independent.


Cryptomathic is one of the world's leading providers of security software solutions to businesses across a wide range of industry sectors, including banking, government, trust centres, technology, cloud and mobile. With more than 30 years' experience, Cryptomathic provides systems for eBanking, PKI and central signing solutions, card issuing, advanced key management and managed cryptography, through best-of-breed security solutions and services.

essendit it

essendi is engaged in large-scale IT installations for its customers, and has specialized in the realization of integrated applications for security and certificate management.

The essendi portfolio is completed by the certificates from SwissSign and HSM solutions from Securosys. essendi is an authorized reseller of SwissSign certificates. Our clients confirm our commitment to customer orientation, and that the highest quality of advice is provided in the realization of their requirements.


Secardeo based in Ismaning (near Munich) is a provider of business solutions with digital signatures and certificates. Here Secardeo offers consulting services, groundbreaking products and integrated solutions. The business areas of Secardeo comprise certificate servers for PKI interworking, global end-to-end encryption for e-mail and cloud, Windows PKI with recognised certificates and also PDF signatures. Secardeo GmbH was founded in 2001 by Doctor of Engineering Gunnar Jacobson.


Since 2003 the German company has been offering cost-effective security solutions connected with e-mail and the internet. Companies and public organizations of all sizes can choose from a series of continually improved products. At the heart of the business are scalable solutions for e-mail encryption and signature, which are delivered as a ready-to-use appliance or adapted to globally distributed network environments. To automatically receive certificates an interface for the SwissSign CA is integrated.

Zertificon Solutions

Z1 SecureMail Gateway is a central server solution for e-mail encryption and signature for companies of all sizes. The leading solution acts PKI-based according to internationally-established e-mail standards (S/MIME, OpenPGP) and password-based via PDF encryption or secure WebSafes. To Swiss Sign exist an integrated connection for automatic certificate issuance and management.


GlobalProtec is Switzerland’s first broker for digital certificates. Products of the world‘s top certificate authorities are available here from a single source, with additional service and at competitive conditions. The offer mainly includes SSL, Code Signing, personal- and company certificates as well as Managed PKI.

HID Global

HID Global is the global market leader in the area of innovative products and solutions for a secure identity. Millions of customers in more than 100 countries worldwide trust the highly secure identity solutions in their access control systems and benefit from the most extensive range of interoperable products. The range also includes solutions for strong authentication, visitor management, card printers for personalising IDs, official documents and also RFID technologies for applications in industry and logistics.


The true-Xtender Suite from Keyon is a comprehensive collection of modules that enable the fully automated enrollment and management of X.509 certificates. All modules offer full enterprise functionality with web-based, multi-tenant registration and administration (RA) as well as service APIs for process automation. The true-Xtender Registration Authority ACME Service provides the ACME protocol as a standardized interface for the automated certificate management.


The ISO 9001-certified company secrypt GmbH provides various industries with a whole range of professional solutions for the usage of electronic signatures, timestamps and data encryption. secrypt’s digiSeal® products ensure authenticity, protection against manipulation and confidentiality of sensitive electronic data in digital business processes as well as the sustainability of probative value in electronic archives. The digiSeal® server is the choice for signing electronic invoices in high performance eBilling scenarios (e.g. in Switzerland according to ElDI-V).


XiTrust ist Ihr Partner für sichere und rechtsverbindliche Enterprise-Lösungen rund um elektronische Signatur und Verschlüsselung. Mit dem XiTrust Mailing System (XMS) bietet XiTrust eine zentrale Lösung für sicheren E-Mail-Verkehr in Unternehmen an. Dabei werden alle Absender automatisiert mit personenbezogenen Zertifikaten von SwissSign ausgestattet. So sind Integrität des E-Mail-Inhalts und Authentizität des Absenders jederzeit gewährleistet. XMS kann als Proxy- oder als Mailserverlösung installiert werden und zeichnet sich als einfach zu administrierende, kostengünstige Lösung mit automatisierter Verrechnung aus. Internationale Standards wie S/MIME, PGP oder X.509 werden von XMS standardmäßig unterstützt.

United Security Providers

United Security Providers ensures that digital business processes are protected against cyber risks. With around 200 specialists in Bern and Zurich, we are closing gaps in network and application security. We are providing extensive Managed Security Services from our own 7x24h Security Operations Center (SOC) in Switzerland and are securing more than 900 customer sites worldwide. In addition, United Security Providers, a subsidiary of Swisscom, offers a suitable mix of IT security consulting and project management tailored to the individual customers situation.