50% on all certificates

Benefit from reduced prices on the Managed PKI Service.

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Special offer: 50% discount on the Managed PKI Service

Start now with an even more cost-effective management of your certificates and benefit from price reductions on all certificates:

  • New customers
    50% on all certificates with a minimum order quantity of CHF 250
  • Existing customers
    50% on all additional orders above the existing Managed PKI volume (no minimum order quantity)
    Certificate renewals are excluded from the offer.


50% discount is granted on the amount after deduction of all partners or volume discounts and is automatically deducted from the annual price mentioned in the order. For new customers the offer is only valid for the first year. For additional orders from existing customers in the current contract period.

Offer duration: The offer is valid until revoked at www.swisssign.com

Managed PKI

The SwissSign Managed PKI is available as a public key infrastructure (PKI) for publicly trusted and private certificates and enables you to obtain and manage your certificates around the clock. If you wish, we can also operate your public key infrastructure for you according to your specifications.