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Managed PKI: SSL/email

Our managed PKI (MPKI) allows you to independently manage certificates for your employees, customers and partners – round the clock. Thanks to certified processes, these certificates are pre-installed in the usual browsers, email clients and operating systems and are rated as trustworthy. The MPKI includes both SSL and email certificates and is available in three standards: domain validation (DV), organisation validation (OV) and extended validation (EV).

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How you benefit

Flexibly issue SSL and email certificates at any time.

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Product features

  • Certificates are issued over an automated interface or using our web administration tool.

  • The ACME and OpenAPI interface standards enable complete auto-enrolment with our partner products.

  • All common browsers and operating systems trust SwissSign certificates because they have been rated as trustworthy in the relevant root stores and trust lists.

The three variants of the managed PKI from SwissSign

Managed PKI DV

Domain validation

The MPKI DV includes simple and affordable SSL and email certificates that are recognised as domain-validated.

It is suitable for websites with a simple need for protection.

Use cases: simple websites, blogs, email servers

Managed PKI OV

Organisation validation

In addition to the products included in the MPKI DV, the MPKI OV also includes SSL and email certificates that the organisation has been verified for.

It is suitable for companies and organisations that want to offer their customers a high level of protection.

Use cases: smaller online shops, company websites

Managed PKI

Extended validation

In addition to the products included in the MPKI DV and MPKI OV, the MPKI EV also includes SSL and email certificates that the company’s legal status and address have also been verified for using state registers.

It is suitable for companies that want to make their brand synonymous with security and provide the highest level of trust.

Use cases: online banks, large online shops

How you benefit

  • You can flexibly scale certificate quantities and types at any time.

  • You benefit from an adaptive pricing model and always receive the best possible volume discount.

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    All data stored in Switzerland.

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    Free online identity verification 24/7.

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    Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

Good to know

Are you interested in automating the certificate lifecycle? You can find various certificate life cycle management (CLM) and email gateway offers in our partner network. We also recommend using our CLM cloud service.

The three MPKI models – a comparison

The following overview shows you which products and options are included in the three MPKI models.

  • DV SSL Silver Single-Domain
  • DV SSL Silver Multi-Domain
  • OV SSL Gold Single-Domain
  • EV SSL Gold Single-Domain
  • DV SSL Silver Wildcard
  • OV SSL Gold Wildcard
  • OV SSL Gold Multi-Domain
  • EV SSL Gold Multi-Domain
  • E-Mail ID Silver (Mailbox Validated)
  • E-Mail ID Gold (Sponsor Validated)
  • Processing time *
  • Minimum annual turnover
  • Available products




Ordering an MKPI

Please save the form and use Acrobat Reader to open and complete it.

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for Managed PKI Services can be found here

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How is billing handled for the MPKI?

Billing occurs annually, before the term of service and for the selected order volume.

How many certificates can I purchase with my MPKI?

There is no volume limit. Certificate volumes exceeding the quantity stated in the initial order will be billed at the end of the contractual period on the basis of the active certificates.
The prepaid total for the subsequent year is based on the number of certificates from the previous year.

How do I start using a new MPKI?

To use a new MPKI, detailed information can be found on our Support page. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to assist you. 

How can I add new domains to an existing MPKI?

Domain details
SSL or email domains are specified without assigning them a specific certificate type. In other words, you can later issue whatever type of SSL certificate you have ordered for all of the specified SSL domains. Similarly, the email certificates you have ordered can be issued for all of the specified email domains.

Domain access permissions
You validate access permissions by publishing a (secret) random value (in the DNS or as a TXT file on the web server), which you access via the MPKI.

How can I modify an existing MPKI contract?

As the RA Operator of your MPKI, you can complete and submit a change. All change forms can be found on our Documentation page.

What is the period of notice for cancelling the SwissSign MPKI?

The minimum contract period is one year. The contract can be terminated three months before the end of the contract. If the contract is not cancelled, it will be renewed automatically for an additional contract period of 12 months.

I can’t find an answer to my question.

Want to find out more about our MPKI products or have a technical question? Our support team will be happy to help and looks forward to hearing from you.

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