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Reminder – Abolition of text file for domain validation

As announced in our mailing of 9 August this year an adjustment must be made to the method for proving ownership of a domain name due to a change in the regulatory requirements for public certificates:

The proof is provided by the customer’s publication of a random value (“secret”) generated by the provider SwissSign. Previously, there were two possible methods of publication:

  1. Publication in the domain name system (DNS)
  2. Publication in a text file. The random value is published on the web server accessible under this domain name.


The second method (text file) is now no longer possible for all certificate types. For this reason, only the first method (DNS) will be allowed in the future so that you can continue to benefit from the full range of services.



This change will take effect in November 2021. For details regarding the changes to requirements, see  


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