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Order and application process

Two platforms, maximum convenience and flexibility

SwissSign provides you with two platforms for certificate management:

  • The commercial platform at swisssign.com – web shop
  • The technical platform at swisssign.net – certification authority


Upon making a purchase at swisssign.com, you acquire a "certificate voucher" for each certificate. You subsequently use this certificate voucher to request your certificate at swisssign.net.

The benefits of two platforms

This division provides various benefits for the procurement and management of your certificates:

  • The buyer of the certificates does not also have to be the requester: The certificate voucher can be passed on to a third party within the web shop user account in an uncomplicated manner.
  • Certificates and certificate vouchers can be purchased in the web shop with attractive volume discounts without the requirement to have them issued immediately.
  • No time limit is applied to the certificate vouchers acquired for the certificates. These can be held as long as you wish and requests can be made as you desire. The certificate term only starts upon the certificate being issued.
  • You can apply for certificates quickly and easily both with and without a technical user account at swisssign.net.
Why set up a technical user account at swisssign.net?

The creation of a user account at swisssign.net (certification authority) is optional. You can apply for certificates both with and without registering.

A technical user account at swisssign.net provides various benefits, however:

  • You can manage all of your certificates in your technical user account in a clear and transparent manner.
  • You can view the expiry date and contents of all your certificates at all times.
  • You can revoke certificates at any time via the user account with a revocation code.
  • Status enquiries or deletion of pending requests.
  • Access to all request forms of pending requests.
  • Download your certificates at any time.
  • Change the publication status of your certificates.

A user account at swisssign.net is particularly useful for customers wanting to manage several certificates on a centralised basis such as IT service providers or central IT administrators.

Especially attractive for resellers and IT partners

You can resell or use the acquired SwissSign certificates as you wish. You determine the price yourself. Whether for internal use or application during customer projects – with SwissSign's clever certificate management, you enjoy maximum convenience and flexibility for the purchasing, forwarding, billing and management of your certificates.