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Qualified Evidence

Qualified Evidence from SwissSign allows financial intermediaries to perform digital remote identification of their customers at any time, enabling them to establish a customer relationship in just a few steps. FINMA-compliant and no integration effort required.

Your needs – our solution

We look after the identity verification, leaving you to focus on your core business.

Is your company active in the financial sector and do you need to onboard your customers remotely? Do you need to be able to identify customers immediately and without any identity verification in person in urgent cases? Or do you want to provide a completely digital onboarding process? Then Qualified Evidence is the right solution for you!

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Your benefits

  • Digital
    Identification is possible 24/7 – without any physical interaction.
  • Compliant
    The ID copy meets the requirements of the FINMA Circular 2016/7.
  • Simple
    The solution can be implemented with little or no integration effort.
  • Flexible
    Proof of identification can be provided automatically at interfaces and further processed in your system.
  • Forward-looking
    The signing solution "SwissID Sign", which is based on SwissID, also allows your customers to electronically sign all documents required for your future business with them.

Benefits for your customers

  • Convenient
    The identification process can be carried out regardless of business hours and physical location.
  • Quick
    The identification process can be carried out immediately and in a short time via the app.
  • Secure
    Personal and transaction data are strictly separated. All data is stored in Switzerland.

How Qualified Evidence works

  • 1

    Start of the process

    You prompt the customer on your website to have their identity verified online.

  • 2

    Customer identification via SwissID

    The customer logs in with their SwissID account and carries out the online identification.

  • 3

    Confirmation of identity*

    The customer is taken back to your website. You automatically receive a certified copy of the customer’s ID.

*Proof of identity includes basic information such as name and date of birth, passport photo, photo of the customer, qualified electronic signature of the customer.