E-Mail ID Silver (DV)

Encrypt and sign e-mails at low cost – the domain-validated E-Mail ID Silver certificate lets you sign and encrypt your emails in a trusted way with all common email programs and mail gateways.

The software-based certificate contains the validated email address and is issued in just seconds or minutes.

Just CHF 23 per year for a 3-year E-Mail ID Silver (DV) certificate.

That's why the domain-validated E-Mail ID Silver certificate is right for you

Issued in just a few seconds, the domain-validated E-Mail ID Silver (DV) certificate is the right choice whenever your email communications need to be encrypted in a cost-effective way.


✓ Ensure protection of confidential information
✓ Authenticate email senders to distinguish them from phishing attacks
✓ Create a tamper-proof seal for the email content


✓ SwissSign E-Mail ID Silver (DV) certificates are compatible with all common email services, thus allowing secure communication between different parties.


✓ The E-Mail ID Silver (DV) certificate lets you sign and encrypt emails digitally to prove that your emails actually come from you and not a fraudster, and to ensure that only your intended recipient can access the encrypted content.

Multiyear offer

Save now and plan for the long term

Just CHF 23 per year for a 3-year E-Mail ID Silver (DV) certificate.