Signature solution for the construction industry
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Signature solution for the construction industry

Digitalisation is also steadily on the rise in the construction industry. For example, submitting building permits electronically can speed up construction projects and simplify administrative tasks. This is already the default approach in some cantons, with others following suit all the time. Get ready for this step and opt for our signature solution today.

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Other use cases

  • Construction and service contracts

  • Architect contracts

  • General contractor agreements

  • Material and supplier contracts

  • Approval forms and applications

  • Internal documents

Planning applications: the situation in the cantons

Cantons currently regulate the submission of planning applications differently. Some have already completed the switch to a digital solution, some are in a transitional phase and others are still relying on a cumbersome paper-based process. However, one thing is clear: sooner or later, all cantons will move towards processing planning applications digitally. That’s why it’s worth getting to grips with this issue now.

Overview of cantonal planning application forms

Example: launch of ‘eBaugesucheZH’

The canton of Zurich has been in a three-year transitional phase since 1 April 2024. During this period, all cities and municipalities are required to switch to the fully electronic building permit process via the ‘eBaugesucheZH’ platform. Paper applications will no longer be accepted after this point.

What does the digitalisation of the building permit process mean?

If the submission of building permits is digitised, the signature process also has to be handled electronically. The confirmation of submission must be signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES), which is equivalent to a handwritten signature (Art. 14 (2)bis of the Swiss Code of Obligations). This means that construction clients or their representatives – architects or lawyers, for example – need a certified electronic signature solution, such as the solution provided by SwissSign.

The SwissSign solution

Aside from building permits, our signature solution also allows other documents – such as contracts – to be signed anywhere and at any time. Two models are available to choose from:

Signature service

You can use the signature service immediately and without any integration effort. The entire signing process – from uploading to signing the documents – runs via your online signing room.

Integrated signature solution

However, you can also integrate our signature solutions into your processes and systems directly. You can either do this via the REST API or install them on-premises or in a private cloud.

Why choose the SwissSign signature solution?

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    Issued by a Swiss trust service provider.

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    All data stored in Switzerland.

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    Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

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