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New pre-prod environment for SwissSign partners

The new pre-prod environment provides a platform for tests prior to the migration to the new CA. It also makes it possible to test new CA releases before they are rolled out to the prod environment. 

What does the new pre-prod environment include?

Important: the MPKI on the new pre-prod environment is not a copy of your previous staging MPKI on the CA environment used to date.  

  • Your MPKI on the new pre-prod environment for the new SwissSign CA is validated on the EV level and in the name of a dummy company. 
  • The certificates you issued on the old staging environment will not be imported onto the new pre-prod environment.  

Details regarding the specifications of the new MPKI on the pre-prod platform can be found here: 

Specifications of the new MPKI on pre-prod

CMC API on the new SwissSign CA  

Please note the new technical specification and the following information regarding the CMC API: 

→ New CA: Technical Specification of CMC API
CMC API on the new SwissSign CA

Do you have any further questions? 

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