New pre-prod environment for SwissSign partners
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Pre-prod environment for SwissSign customers

The pre-prod environment provides a platform for testing. It makes it possible to test new CA releases before they are rolled out to the prod environment. 

What does the pre-prod environment include?

Important: The MPKI on the pre-prod environment does not issue public trust certificates. They are intended for testing only.

  • Your MPKI on the pre-prod environment for the new SwissSign CA is validated on the EV level.
  • The attribues are set according to your specifications given in the order.


Details regarding the specifications of the MPKI on the pre-prod platform can be found here: 

Specifications of the MPKI on pre-prod

CMC API on the SwissSign CA  

Please note the technical specification and the following information regarding the CMC API: 

→ New CA: Technical Specification of CMC API
CMC API on the new SwissSign CA

Do you have any further questions? 

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