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Signature solution for HR specialists and recruitment agencies

Signed employment contracts need to be available before the recruited worker starts work. This can be challenging for short-term work assignments in particular – however, only if a handwritten signature or even in-person identity verification is still required. Our electronic signature solution including advance identity verification solves this problem.

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Use cases

  • Paid agency contracts

  • Hire contracts

  • Framework employment contracts

  • Assignment contracts

  • Permanent employment contracts

  • Temporary employment contracts

  • Other relevant documents or declarations (confidentiality, etc.)

The solution

Electronic signatures help speed up processes and make them more flexible. Since the qualified electronic signature (QES) is equivalent to a handwritten signature (Art. 14(2) bis of the Swiss Code of Obligations), it enables complete digitisation of the signature process.


Step 1: Identification

Before a qualified electronic signature can be provided, a one-time identity verification of the signatory is required. This can be done free of charge at any time via the SwissID App. For this, too, there is no need for identity verification in person. The online identification process accepts all passports and identity cards issued by EU and EFTA countries. Your benefit: Identification requires no effort on your part and there is no time delay.


Step 2: Signature

The signature process is also completely digital. You upload the document to be signed online and define who is to sign the document – in this case, for example, the future worker and the employer. You decide in which order they sign. The recipients are then informed of the signature request via email or push notification. You sign via desktop or even more conveniently via app. As soon as the document has been signed, it is ready for you to download. When it comes to using the signature solution in your systems and processes, you have two options:

No integration effort at all. Start signing now!

You can use the signature service immediately and without integrating it into your existing software. The entire signing process – from uploading to signing the documents – takes place in your web signing room.

Signature solution with integration into your recruiting software

The integration solution can be easily and seamlessly integrated into recruiting softwares via a REST API. In this case, the contract document is generated directly in the software and sent from there to the signature workflow.

The benefits at a glance

  • You ensure that the necessary contract documents are signed before work commences.

  • You can offer your partners and clients time-saving and convenient processes – without being bound by location or time.

  • You require fewer resources and less time for the same tasks.

  • You will be sustainably digitalising your processes and improving your environmental footprint.

Why choose the SwissSign signature solution?

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    Issued by a Swiss trust service provider.

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    All data stored in Switzerland.

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    Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

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    Signature complies with Swiss law (ESigA).

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    Identification complies with EPRA and FINMA standards.

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    Seamless integration into your processes

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