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Important Information: Changes in Domain Validation

Dear customers and partners,
We would like to inform you about the upcoming changes to domain validation for Managed PKI certificates. Due to the increased requirements of the regulatory body for public certificates, the CA/Browser Forum, we have adapted our domain validation practice.
Until now, the verification of domain ownership or the access to the domain had to be carried out only once during the registration. According to the new validation procedure, the verification must be repeated on a regular basis:


Every 13 months for EV certificates

Every 24 months for all other SSL certificates


In order to meet the new requirements of the CA/Browser Forum, SwissSign will implement this new practice as of 18 May 2019. For you as a SwissSign SSL customer, this means that in the future you will have to revalidate your domains every 13 or 24 months in order to continue issuing SSL certificates for these domains. The validation procedure remains the same as before. The following Step-by-Step Guide will walk you through the domain validation process.
To make sure you can revalidate your domains on time, we will inform you by e-mail 30 days before the end of the validity period of a domain validated with us. The expiry date of your domains can also be found via the user interface of the Registration Authority (RA) of our Managed PKI on swisssign.net.
The expiration of a validated domain prevents only the reissue of corresponding certificates; alfready issued SSL certificates are not affected by these changes. For domains validated more than 13 or 24 months ago, a revalidation is required.

Further information on the changes by CA/Browser Forum can be found here:


CAB Forum EV SSL Certificate Guidelines Section 11.14.3

CAB Forum BR Section 4.2.1


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at [email protected]
Kind regards
Your SwissSign team