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Reminder - Correct creation of requests e-mail certificates

The name field "Common Name" requires particular attention. Only the following variants are permitted in the name field "Common Name" of E-Mail ID Gold certificates:


1. the exact name of the person to whom the certificate is issued. Only the entry of first name and surname is permitted, WITHOUT additions, titles, numbers, brackets, dots, commas, @-sign etc.

2. a pseudonym may also be entered. However, a pseudonym must be marked with the prefix "pseudo: ".


For E-Mail ID Silver certificates, the field "Common Name" must contain the e-mail address or, in exceptional cases, a special agreed fixed string value.


Furthermore, we would also like to expressly point out the following circumstance once again: For the aforementioned compliance reasons, we are also forced to technically prevent the issuance of certificates that are not in line with the above-mentioned rules. We plan to introduce this technical change on 18.01.2021.


Please also note that the “Organizational Unit” (OU) field for departments should be left blank.


Further information on this topic can be found here:


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