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1. Description

All currently valid and archived documents of the SwissSign Repository are shown on this page. This includes:

  • Trust Services Practice Statement (TSPS): The TSPS is an overarching description of the practices, processes, roles, certificate life cycles, obligations and liability that apply to the trust service provider SwissSign for the provision of its trust services.
  • Certificate Policy (CP): Defined set of requirements that applies to a specific type of certificate.
  • Certification Practice Statement (CPS): Specifies the description of the TSPS for specific products.
  • Certificate, CRL and OCSP Profiles (CPR): These documents describe the contents of certificates, CRL and OCSP responses.
  • Subscriber Agreements (EUA): These are the obligations and information which a subscriber or certificate holder must observe when using SwissSign certificates.
  • PKI Disclosure Statement (PDS): Clearly describes the service and the processes derived from the CP, CPS and TSPS.
  • Relying Party Agreement (RPA): Describes the obligations of a third party to review a certificate before it can trust it.
  • Registration Authority Policy (RA-Policy): Describes the duties and responsibilities of an registration authority in all cases where SwissSign's registration authority activity is delegated to a third party (such as Managed PKI).

In case of ambiguity or contradictions, the CP, CPS and TSPS are binding.

These documents have been prepared according to international standards and are based on RFC 3647. SwissSign reserves the right to change these documents at any time and without prior notice.

To find the correct CP and CPS used to issue a certificate, the certificate itself contains an extension called ‘Certificate Policy’. The Certificate Policy extension contains the CP document’s OID and a URL for the download location of the digitally signed PDF version of the CPS.

2. Regulatory documents according to certificate type

3. Other documents


4. RSS Feed

Customer and subscribers of certificate services have the possibility to be informed about the changes that are important to them in documents of this repository through an RSS feed. You will find more informations here.