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All those who access information published on the websites of SwissSign accept the following conditions.

Please refer to the privacy policy for queries relating to data protection.

Copyright and trademark rights

The entire contents of the SwissSign website are protected by copyright (all rights reserved). Downloading or printing out individual pages or parts of the SwissSign website is permitted provided that this is for private use and not for commercial purposes and provided that the copyright notice or other legally protected names or symbols are not removed. The SwissSign seal that corresponds to the certificate's trust level may be listed on the website that it protects provided the seal is linked to the SwissSign website.

Complete or partial reproduction, transmission (by electronic or any other means), modifications, links or use of the SwissSign website for public or commercial purposes are prohibited without the prior written consent of SwissSign.

The designation “SwissSign” and the corresponding logos and other product and services designations are registered trademarks of SwissSign Ltd. No part of the SwissSign website is designed in such a way that a right to use of an image, registered trademark or logo is granted. 


SwissSign cannot guarantee that the website will function without interruption or errors, that errors will be rectified or that the website and corresponding server are free of viruses or harmful components.

SwissSign does not assume any liability for any damage or loss arising as a result of accessing or using items on the website (or as a result of the impossibility of accessing or using such items or as a result of viruses, etc.).

Although SwissSign exercises maximum diligence to ensure that the information on its website is accurate at the time of publication, neither SwissSign nor your contractual partner shall warrant for or provide any guarantee for its accuracy, reliability or completeness. The information and views appearing on the SwissSign website may be changed at any time without prior notice.

SwissSign has not tested the websites linked to the SwissSignt website and accepts no responsibility for their content or for the products, services or other offers they include.

Applicable law / jurisdiction

To the extent admissible by law, all legal relationships between the users of these websites and SwissSign shall be subject to substantive Swiss law. The sole place of jurisdiction is Zurich.