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The Extended Validation SSL certificates offering the highest level of trust and security

SSL Gold

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SSL Gold Wildcard

SSL Gold encryption for an unlimited amount of subdomains

SSL Silver Wildcard

SSL Silver encryption for an unlimited amount of subdomains

SSL Silver

Domain validated, cost-efficient basic protection with rapid issuance

Important change

Browser producers are reducing the validity of SSL/TLS certificates to one year in their browsers.

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What are SSL certificates?


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, also referred to as TLS certificates, protect your servers and websites and thus ensure the trust of your customers. Using SSL certificates, confidential data is encrypted during transmission via the SSL or TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.


SSL certificates also contain trusted information on the certificate owner and hence confirm the identity of a website's or server's operator. An SSL certificate is issued by a trusted organisation – known as a certification authority (CA) – in a similar way to an identity card. Depending on the certificate type (Gold EV, Gold, Silver), different characteristics of the certificate owner are checked.