With the e-mail certificates from SwissSign, e-mail communication with your customers and business partners can be given a trusted signature and encryption with all common e-mail programs and mail gateways. You can also use Gold e-mail certificates for secure authentication (login) with web applications.


signed and encrypted

only for CHF 25

The offer is valid until 18 January 2021 and only for new orders at www.swisssign.com.

Email ID Silver

only for CHF 25

πŸ—Έ trusted encryption and signatures

πŸ—Έ supports all common email clients and mail gateways
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Email ID Gold

available only as part of the SwissSign Managed PKI service

πŸ—Έ trusted encryption and signatures

πŸ—Έ with organisation entry
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Pay just CHFβ€―23 per year

when you purchase a three-year Email ID Silver certificate