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Secure donations with SwissSign

Glattbrugg, 17 November 2016 – SwissSign is offering Swiss non-profit organizations free encryption for their online donation websites using SSL Silver certificates. SSL encryption of a website strengthens the trust of visitors who are willing to make a  donation –  in 2017 too. As of next year, Google will use its Chrome browser to highlight 56 websites that are deemed to be insecure without encryption and where passwords and credit card information are exchanged. The initiative by SwissSign aims to raise awareness among non-profit organizations and enable them to protect themselves free of charge.


“SwissSign loves to keep you safe – As a Swiss company, we want to play our part in the domestic  market to increase security and trust in the internet”, says Markus Venetz, Head of Certificate Services at Swiss Sign. “Swiss NPOs and SwissSign have one thing in common: trust is the basis for their successful existence.”


And it is not just non-profit organizations that stand to benefit from the initiative “I am ready!”. All companies that purchase a three-year SwissSign SSL Silver certificate will receive the third year of their subscription for free.


SSL certificates guarantee internet visitors privacy and data protection by enabling secure encryption of their access. SSL certificates protect against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. They also increase the visibility of a website as Google gives websites featuring SSL/TLS encryption a higher ranking than websites without SSL. SwissSign SSL Silver certificates offer inexpensive basic protection and are issued quickly thanks to their domain validation.