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Secardeo certMode for the global retrieval of S/MIME certificates for mobile devices

Ismaning, February 18, 2019 – Secardeo GmbH, a long-term partner of SwissSign AG, releases version 2 of certMode.

Secardo certMode is a component of the Secardeo TOPKI platform for the automated distribution of digital certificates to any device for end-to-end encryption.

For an iPhone or Android user to encrypt e-mails to external recipients, their X.509 certificates are required. These are available via public certificate directories for retrieval via LDAP. In order for a mobile client to access such directory services, the certificate search queries must be appropriately converted and forwarded.

With Secardeo certMode, a seamless conversion of certificate search queries from mobile e-mail apps in LDAP is carried out according to a patented procedure. This means that global certificate retrievals can be made from many connected public key infrastructures, for example with the Secardeo certBox. Even encryption to recipients who do not have a certificate is possible with certMode and certBox. The new features of the current release include an updated platform, flexible network configuration and a redesigned GUI.

"With certMode, mobile users will be able to perform a completely transparent, seamless end-to-end encryption of e-mails to any recipient", explains Dr. Gunnar Jacobson, Managing Director of Secardeo.

certMode is delivered as a Virtual Appliance for VMware or Hyper-V and integrates seamlessly with existing mobile device infrastructures. It is an indispensable component of an enterprise PKI with S/MIME certificate services.

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About Secardeo

Secardeo is a pioneer in the field of certificate management solutions. This allows digital certificates and keys to be securely, automatically and trusted distributed and managed in the company. We help our well-known customers to increase IT security, lower costs and comply with regulations.