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SwissSign with new products, new prices and a new website

Press Release 01/12/2015


On 30 November, the Swiss Post subsidiary SwissSign launched its new market presence with more favourable prices for SSL certificates, an expanded product range and a modern web shop. In doing so, SwissSign has laid the foundations for an improved digital sales and information channel. The user navigation is consistently geared to customer requirements.


Since 30 November, SwissSign has been offering business and private customers as well as partners a new and revised website. In doing so, the Swiss Post subsidiary is laying the foundations for an improved digital sales and information channel.


New product configuration and portfolio expansion

In the new web shop, customers can now configure their certificate themselves: according to the number of years and number of domains for SLL certificates / with or without organisation entry for personal certificates. The Multi-Domain certificate (UCC/SAN) at Gold EV and Gold level is now available with up to 40 additional domains. Multi-Domain SSL certificates can now also be configured in such a way that permits Wildcard domain entries. Customers can now acquire SSL products – including Multi-Domain and Wildcard – for a second-level domain at no extra cost with and without "www". A further addition to the offering is the CA Hosting service, which allows customers to outsource their own certificate authority (CA) to the certified SwissSign environment.


SwissSign has adjusted its prices in line with the market. For example, an SSL Gold EV certificate now costs CHF 599 instead of CHF 799 and an SSL Gold certificate costs CHF 299 instead of CHF 399. With SwissSign's certificate solution, the so-called Managed PKI service, customers can now also benefit from higher volume discounts. SwissSign has also optimised the Managed PKI service. Using a free offer calculator, interested parties can now create their own individual offer and place orders directly. Customers wishing to switch to SwissSign from a competitor can also make use of an attractive changeover offer.


Responsive design and customer-friendly structure

The new web shop is responsive, i.e. it adapts to the respective end device being used. It thus displays contents in an optimal manner on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The user navigation is consistently geared to customer requirements: from quick product access and guided access via the product finder using questions to product comparison pages and access via solutions and partners. This means that it is even easier to quickly find the information and functions you are looking for.

SwissSign has optimised the entire purchase process as well as the customer account. Users can log in using a password as well as via SuisseID, the Swiss standard for digital identity. Once they have logged in, customers can now evaluate and comment on products and place follow-up orders in an uncomplicated manner.

Technical implementation and further development

The new web shop is based on the Magento e-commerce solution. The full service web agency insign was responsible for the implementation, while responsibility for the design was assumed by Gothuey & Partner, Visual Dope and Unic. The web shop will be developed further over the coming months and, in addition to German and English, will also be available in French from the second quarter of 2016. The online services for SwissSign partners will also be expanded.