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Custom certificates

Would you like to make the most of the benefits of a managed PKI infrastructure, but customise the certificates so that they meet your specific needs? We can set up a private MPKI for your company, including your own root CA. This allows you to issue customised certificates. You obtain them automatically over the standardised interfaces or over the established web interface, which you will be familiar with from your managed PKI, but do not have to operate the MPKI yourself.

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How you benefit

The PKI is customised to suit your needs.

Product features

  • Customised definition of your PKI’s scope and parameters

  • Possibility of expanding the range of certificates in a customised manner

  • Outsourcing to SwissSign’s secure, certified and specialised environment

  • Obtaining certificates using a cloud service

Typical use cases from SwissSign practice

  • Corporate networks
  • VPNs
  • Intranet
  • Smartcard login
  • Outsourcing the Windows PKI for use in Microsoft infrastructure
  • Communication within a group of users (e.g. to secure payment transactions)

Range of certificates

SSL/machine certificates

Certificates on network-compatible devices for internal, encrypted data exchange.

  • Server authentication
  • Client authentication
  • Domain entry possible
  • IP address entry possible

User certificates

Certificates for authentication on systems.

  • User ID or email address entry
  • First name, surname and organisation entry possible

How you benefit

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    All data stored in Switzerland.

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    Free online identity verification 24/7.

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    Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

Good to know

The same interfaces are available for auto-enrolment as for the standard managed PKI (REST API or CMC). This means that you can use the same certificate lifecycle management (CLM) solution as you do to manage public SSL and email certificates.

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