System status

On this page you can check at any time about the current system availability of our SwissSign systems. You'll also find timely information about upcoming maintenance releases.

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System status

All our services are currently running correctly. 



Information about the current operation and maintenance

New CA release 4.7


A new CA release 4.7 was rolled out on Monday. This release includes some extensions, e.g. the possibility of adding a domain free of charge to an existing Managed PKI.


Dear SwissSign customers, partners and people interested in SwissSign,

Our website is unfortunately unavailable on Wednesday 12 July 2017 from 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm because of a planned change release.

The purchase of CodeSigning certificates with a maximum validity term of 5 years will be no longer possible within the web shop and the Managed PKI.

We want to draw your attention to maintenance work caused by update to our new release which will be carried out on Monday, July 3, 6:00 pm to 12:00 pm (Release 4.7).

All SSL certificates will be added to the Certificate Transparency Logs.

CAA stands for Certification Authority Authorization and specifies within a DNS entry which certification authority may issue a certificate for a domain entry

3-year SSL certificates can be applied only before the March, 1st 2018

SwissSign now offers the possibility of an SCT entry in the certificate (Precertificate) for the certificate issuance of SSL EV Gold Certificates. This is especially useful for older Web server versions that do not support OCSP stapling. So far only OCSP Stapling has been offered.

End of February it was possible to produce two different documents with the same SHA-1 hash . It is now also practically shown that the use of the SHA-1 algorithm represents a concrete risk and the use should be avoided. 

Password entry fields will be recognized by browsers soon. Browsers will warn users if the corresponding page is not encrypted (https)

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System Status Update from 23.6.2016:

Change IP address from July 6, 2016

We would like to inform you that we will change our systems at July, 5th 2016 between 12am and 1pm to a new IP address. Normally our systems are called by a URL thus nothing will change. In some IT environments the firewalls were probably explicitly configured to let pass our IP addresses. In this case your IT administrator of the firewalls has to change the IP address to the new value. We leave the additional link to the old IP open for a certain time span in order to facilitate the switch in your firewall. Please inform your IT administrator!

The IP address will change at follows:


 Old IP

 New IP