SwissID – your digital identity.

With SwissID your online processes become easier and more secure.

SwissID is the trustful ecosystem which connects people and organisations in the digital world. Online service providers (operators of websites and apps) receive simple access to a large number of potential customers who are active online in Switzerland.

SwissID guarantees secure data exchange between the online service provider and user without itself knowing or saving the data. The user has to enable all SwissID data transfers and therefore always retains control over who may retrieve which data and when.

With SwissID, online service providers represent processes on the internet which previously required an inconvenient media disruption. Thanks to the modular services, SwissID provides a tailor-made solution for all needs of efficient outsourcing. This increases the conversion rate and saves costs.

What is SwissID?

SwissID is the digital identity of Switzerland. With it, in the near future, users will have simple and secure access to many online services (websites and apps). They easily log in, transfer personal data, identify themselves or provide documents with a legally valid signature. They retain full control over the use of their data at all times here.
SwissID is the trustful ecosystem which connects people and organisations in the digital world.

The Challenge

How can I simplify access to my online services?
How can I achieve consistently digital and therefore more cost-effective processes?
How do I know who my digital counterpart really is?
How can I provide legally valid signatures online and conclude transactions immediately?

More Information

How can I deal with online transactions more easily?
Why do I have to go through the complicated process of registering for all websites?
Who will help me with my password chaos?
Whom can I trust when it is a matter of exchanging personal data?

More Information

SwissID – your digital identity.

SwissID is the trustful ecosystem which connects people and organisations

The SwissID modules

Einfache Signaturen
Simple login

Standard login with user support for simple access to online services (websites and apps).

Personal data transfer
Personal data transfer

Secure transfer of data which have been declared by the user or third parties.

Two-factor verification
Two-factor verification

Strong authentication of users via a second factor, e.g. SMS code, app or biometrics.

Checked identity
Checked identity

Secure transfer of checked identity data. Based on prior face-to-face or video identification with passport or identity card.*

Electronic signature
Electronic signature

Legally valid signature of contracts and other documents – any time and from any location.*

*Fulfils requirements of the Swiss Electronic Signature Act (ZertES), the FINMA Money Laundering Ordinance and the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPDG).

The Advantages


  • increases the conversion rate with online transactions
  • provides simple access to millions of potential customers
  • increases customer trust and enhances customer retention
  • reduces the costs with outsourcing of time-consuming processes


  • is in future your only login for Swiss websites and apps
  • is easy to use
  • grants you sovereignty over your data
  • guarantees that data remain in Switzerland

Availability and prices

For online service providers SwissID is available right away. Please contact us for more information on the availability and prices of the SwissID modules.

For users SwissID will be available from the autumn of 2017 via websites and apps of Swiss companies and authorities. Internet portal customers of Swiss Post can use the new, standardised login via SwissID from the autumn of 2017, and SwissPass customers will follow from 2018. Parallel to this, websites and apps of other online services will be activated. SwissSign will provide regular information about the availability of new online services with SwissID.

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