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4.3. CMC interface configuration for SX-MailCrypt


A SwissSign MPKI has been set up for you that issues SwissSign certificates via the SX-MailCrypt email gateway.


SX-MailCrypt communicates with the certification body SwissSign via the ‘CMC interface’.

This makes it possible to obtain certificates automatically for email signatures and encryption.



To configure the MPKI, the external certificate provider Signtrust must be set up in the SX-MailCrypt appliance under the menu item ‘CA’. 

1. In the configuration interface, click on the ‘Save’ button.
2. Click on the ‘Signtrust connector...’ button to change the settings for embedding the Signtrust MPKI.
3. If you haven’t set up a CA connector yet, select a Signtrust CA connector and save this setting.
4. You can now configure the previously selected CA connector.


You have a choice between Silver light certificates or standard certificates.
No further information is required to use Silver light certificates.

You will receive all the data required for configuration from S-Trust.



You will receive the following attributes from us for the SX-MailCrypt appliance in the initial email:

  • Static subject part: /CN=Secure Mail: Secure Email: SX-MailCrypt Certificate/O=Organisation name/ C=Country code

  • Account name: Account name

  • Product name: Organisation name-Product type-Exact product



Please note that no domains are activated after initial receipt of the MPKI.



Please find instructions for registering domains for free below:



The exact name of your:

  • Organisation

  • Country code

  • Account name

  • Product names can be found in our initial email, where you can also find information about your Managed PKI account and the access certificate.