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4.1. CMC interface configuration for Net at Work, NoSpamProxy

A SwissSign MPKI has been set up for you that issues SwissSign certificates via the NoSpamProxy email gateway of the company Net at Work.

NoSpamProxy communicates with the certification body SwissSign via the ‘CMC interface’.

This makes it possible to obtain certificates automatically for email signatures and encryption.

To obtain certificates, enter the following data:

The exact product names can be found in our initial email, where you can also find information about your Managed PKI account and the access certificate.

Please make sure that you configure the product correctly and enter the following parameters, otherwise no certificates will be issued:

  • Organisation (please make sure to enter all the correct characters and pay attention to spelling, etc.): Organisation name (as specified in the initial email)
  • Email domains: No email domains activated!

  • Country: Country code (as specified in the initial email)

Please note that no domains are activated after initial receipt of the MPKI.

​​​​​​​Please find instructions for registering domains for free below: