Insurance companies have to deal with complex unbroken media trail policy management during the preparation, printing, delivery, signing, returning, checking, archiving, and representing of documents. During this, several iterations or repetitive steps are sometimes necessary, which can lead to a loss of time and need for careful monitoring. Clean accountability for the processes as well as proved signatures are essential compliance elements particularly in disputed cases. SwissSign offers process optimization solutions in all of these areas. Three elements for the achievement of maximum IT security are decisive here: Definitive authenticity (certificate-based), a legal digital signature, and verifiable electronic transmission of messages.


Protect your Customers, Partners, Websites and Networks

With the help of SwissSign solutions, you are able to sign and archive policies electronically or offer “self-service” processes in sensitive areas, such as policy termination (deadline compliance, sending registered mail, legal signing). SwissSign solutions are straightforward, secure and auditable; they are standards-based, interoperable, and internationally scalable. Various insurance companies place their trust in the following SwissSign products to optimize their processes already today.


Electronic Archiving, Electronic Invoicing

SwissSign identification solutions combined with the SwissSign Time Stamp offer you the possibility to optimize your processes by archiving documents and electronically preparing invoices in conformity with statutory requirements. Switzerland’s Federal Department of Finance has approved the use of invoices involving value added taxes (VAT) that have been signed electronically and exchanged paperlessly. Based on the amended regulations from November 2007 on the handling of electronically transmitted data and information (ElDI-V), the Federal Department of Finance now requires advanced certificates from Swiss certificate services providers, who have been recognized under the Swiss Electronic Signature Act, for the signature of electronically exchanged invoices. In brief: The following SwissSign products allow you to transmit orders, statements, extracts, confirmations, archive documents, or contracts with an electronic signature, with an unbroken media trail, in real time and verifiably:


Security Risk Management

Some IT security risks cannot be fought with existing products but rather require an individual analysis of your enterprise and consulting about the company and its processes. Dangers can only be warded off when they are handled correctly inside the company. Take advantage of the following SwissSign offering: