Success stories


SwissSign delights hundreds of customers with its flexible Managed PKI certificate service and other products. As a reference depicting some of our case histories, a description of the SwissSign solutions provided to Mobiliar can be found here.


Managed PKI is part of Mobiliar's state-of-the-art infrastructure

  • When Mobiliar introduced the Secure Socket Layer security, TLS version 1.1 had just been standardised.
  • A cooperative structure, local presence, four national languages and numerous domain names mean that many different SSL certificates are required by the general insurer.
  • While others are still contemplating whether to "make or buy", Mobiliar has long since solved this conundrum: with the Managed PKI service (MPKI) of SwissSign, the expert partner for complex products.


The impetus behind the move to implement the SwissSign solution came from the high level of complexity, the large number of certificates and the associated costs: Mobiliar has around 20,000 different certificates internally for clients and servers, for the safeguarding of websites and for allowing encrypted access to data, e-mails and services being used.

Customer case – Mobiliar: SSL certificates as a Managed Service (PDF, 1,46 MB)