Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificates

The comparison below will help you

find the right wildcard certificate to suit your requirements

The first question in choosing the right certificate is the level of trust the website or application should offer the visitor.

  • Validation level
  • Identification verification
  • Current price
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Company name in certificate
  • Issued
  • Validity

SSL Silver Wildcard

  • DV
    Domain Validation

  • CHF 379
  • instead of CHF 549

  • instantly

  • 1 year

SSL Gold Wildcard

  • OV
    Organisation Validation

  • CHF 459
  • instead of CHF 699

  • within 1–2 working days

  • 1 year

This offer applies to the entire validity period of the certificates and is only valid for new orders and direct clients until further notice at www.swisssign.com.



A trusted SSL/TLS certificate proves the authenticity of your website through the reliable verification of your domain and additional company information. Operating systems and browsers also show that your website is secure.


🗸 Certificates issued quickly

🗸 Professional support in three languages (German, English, French)

🗸 Payment on account or by credit card

🗸 30-day return policy


🗸 Certification authority (CA) in Switzerland

🗸 Complies with national and international standards and legal requirements



🗸 Highest security standards

🗸 SwissSign certificates enjoy a high level of trust


Choice of validation level

Depending on the certificate type (SSL Silver Wildcard, SSL Gold Wildcard), different attributes of the certificate holder are checked.


For the identification verification of wildcard SSL/TLS, a distinction is made between the following two types.

Domain Validation (DV)

SSL Silver Wildcard


This certificate validates the domain, meaning it checks whether the URL (www.example.co.uk) exists. This validation is carried out automatically via email and offers the advantage that the check takes only seconds. This certificate protects the visitor using what is known as session encryption and contains no references to the operator of the webpage/application.

Organisation Validation (OV)

SSL Gold Wildcard


This certificate type checks the organisation, i.e. the company operating the site. It also checks the official entry and confirms that the specified organisation actually exists. This information is included in the certificate. It is thus ensured that this organisation is also the legally legitimate user.